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of christ

our passion and europe's greatest need

From the perspective of the biblical gospel, Europe is the spiritually neediest continent in the world, with the lowest percentages of gospel Christians, gospel churches, and gospel workers. Europe needs the same gospel that has transformed our lives, captivated our hearts, and filled us with a holy passion to make Christ known to others.

SATURDAY 14th MAY 2022
11AM - 4PM

10.30am for coffee

Children's programme for primary school aged children

Also being streamed through youtube

Register here
£5 per adult, includes refreshments and literature pack
Under 18's free

cooked Lunch available
additional £5 per person
under 18's free
(order when you Register)  

Children's Event

Mike Evans

Director of Evangile21, the French branch of The Gospel Coalition, and formerly director of Geneva Bible Institute.

tim savage

Pastor, author, conference speaker, and founding council member of The Gospel Coalition.

Manuel LÓPEZ franco

Pastor and EMF Missionary in Almuñecar, Spain.

ROGÉRIo ramos

Pastor and EMF Missionary in Sines, Portugal.

volodymyr kostyshyn

Pastor and EMF Missionary in Ternopil, Ukaine.


Missionary Speakers